Gate 12 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides holistic services to at risk youth in the foster care system to help them successfully transition out into independent living.  We motivate these young to be active and highly functioning members of society by providing transitional housing, career counseling and placement, academic reinforcement and skill development, counseling, personal enrichment and a number of other support services which create a community of hope that provides healing for the hurting, opportunities for advance, peace in the midst of turmoil and excellence in every aspect.


    Gate 12’s vision is to provide teens in the foster care system with the necessary tools required to lead successful lives and the kind of assistance that will help them overcome their barriers and live up to their full potential by providing support service that help enrich their lives and give them the guidance to achieve their dreams and the encouragement to hope for the better. 


    By gaining teens trust, administering psychological and educational assessments, offering personal enrichment and life skills coaching, providing job skills and placement and offering a supportive and encouraging environment in our transitional homes we allow program participants to develop the kind of faith that will help them face life with courage and strength by gaining the skills necessary to do so and the resources and environment in which to make dreams come true.

What is Gate 12?

Travis believes Gate 12 is the nonprofit doing it right for foster youth!

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